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General Provisions
1. Short Title
This Proclamation may be cited as the “Freedom of the Mass Media and Access to Information Proclamation No.
2. Definition
In this proclamation unless the context requires otherwise:

“Mass Media” means printed matter that includes periodicals and broadcasters

“Printed Matter” means all material intended for public distribution, including mass media but also other printed
material–including musical works, plays, pictures, cartoons, books, pamphlets, posters and commercial advertisings as
well as audio, visual and audiovisual recordings, motion pictures and the likes, excluding;

official printed matters, notices, minutes, reports, and decisions of legislative, judicial or executive organs; or

materials only intended for the purpose of commerce and transport, domestic and social life, such as forms, price
lists, printed advertising matter, family advertisements, post cards, pictorial reproductions, annual business and
administrative reports, as well as election documents.

“Periodical” means printed material which is scheduled to appear in regular sequences of at least twice a year,

which has a fixed title and which has a general distribution aimed at the entire public or a section thereof, and includes
newspapers and magazines.

“Broadcaster” means a body which disseminates broadcast programming, including through terrestrial

transmitters, cable or satellite, for public consumption and for simultaneous reception, whether or not by subscription,
through a radio and/or television broadcast receiver or other related electronic equipment, but does not include
communications internal to a private organization or a government body.

“Public Body” means any body established under the Federal Constitution or state constitution or any other law

which forms part of any level or branch of the federal or regional state or owned, controlled or directly or indirectly
substantially financed by funds provided by the federal or regional governments or accountable to the federal or regional

“Information” means any material recorded in any form.

“Record” means regardless of who created it or when it was created, any recorded information in the possession
and under the control of a public body and includes:

any document, file or manuscript;


any microfilm, microfiche or facsimile;


any reproduction of images embodied in microfilms, whether enlarged or not:

any other information which may be watched, read, listened to or otherwise comprehended only using a computer
or any other technical device; or


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