Cabo Verde
Shaping World Bank Engagement on Digital Economy in Cabo Verde (ID: P168008)
Praia, Cabo Verde January 22 – 25, 2019
Cleared by Michel Rogy, Practice Manager Digital Development Africa and the
Middle East
A. Introduction
A World Bank Group visit took place in Praia, Cabo Verde from January 22 - 25, 2019 for
a policy dialogue mission for shaping World Bank engagement on Digital Economy in Cabo Verde
(P168008). The mission was led by Jerome Bezzina (Senior ICT Policy Specialist) with
participation by Zaki Khoury (Senior Technology and Strategy Advisor). The team was supported
by Fatou Fall (Country Representative) from the Country Management Unit and received guidance
from Eric Lancelot (Program Leader). The team was also supported with administrative assistance
by Arame Diattara (Senior Executive Assistant) in Dakar.
This mission had a focus on policy and regulatory framework of digital infrastructure in
Cabo Verde and benefited from previous engagements and missions conducted in December 2017
and June 2018. It also leveraged the aspirational work prepared by the Government of Cabo Verde
to develop the Strategic Plan for Sustainable Development (PEDS, using the Portuguese acronym)
and the vision for the country as a regional ICT Hub.
The mission would like to express gratitude for the courtesies and cooperation offered by
the Government, especially H.E. Olavo Avelino Garcia Correia, Vice- Prime Minister and Minister
of Finance; H.E. Gilberto Barros, Secretary of State for Finance; H.E. Pedro Nuno Alves
Fernandes Lopes, Secretary of State for innovation and Technical Training. Our thanks also extend
to the assistance received from Ms. Carla Cruz, National Director of Planning; Mr. Isaias Barreto
da Rosa, Chairman of the Board, Multisectoral Regulatory Agency of the Economy (ARME); Mr.
Antonio Fernandes, Chairman of the Board, Operational Nucleus for the Information Society
(NOSi); Mr. Aruna Handem, Executive Administrator, NOSi; Mr. José Luis Livramento Brito,
Chairman of the Board, Cabo Verde Telecom; Mr. Juvenal Pereira, President of the SNIAC
(Sistema Nacional de Identificação e Autenticação Civil) implementation agency; Mr. Hélio
Varela, Chief Technical Office, Unitel; Mr. Lisandro Ramos, Head of Department of Mobile
Access Network, Unitel; Mr. Sandro Gomes, Director of Strategic Planning, Unitel and Mr.
Hernâni Soares, Legal Coordinator, Unitel for their continued support and insights during the
mission, as well as the extended team members of all the stakeholders.
B. Mission Objectives
The objectives of this specific mission were to conduct a thorough ICT sector analysis with
the aim to provide the Government with a set of policy recommendations for supporting the digital

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