a)the office is congested with many similar requests and the information sought cannot
reasonably be provided within the 30 working days; or
b)the information required to be retrieved or processed would involve the review of large
number of documents and compliance with the request within the prescribed time would
unreasonably divert the resources of the public body .
c)the request requires a search for records in or collection thereof from, branch offices of a
public body located at different cities as a result it can not reasonably be completed within
30 working days; or
d)consultation among the different organs or divisions of the public body or with other public
bodies is necessary to decide upon the request and that can not reasonably be completed
within 30 working days ;or
e) the requester declares his agreement in witting for such extension.
9/Notwithstanding the provisions of sub-article(3) of this Article, any public body to whom a
request for access to information regarding a matter deemed urgent is made shall provide
the requested information within, a period of not more than ten working days.
10/ Without prejudice to other matters stipulated to be deemed urgent by public bodies,
matters are deemed to be urgent if;
a) an application which reasonably demonstrates that failure to provide an information
urgently would pose an immediate risk of danger to the life or physical well being of a
person is lodged;or
b)an applicant ,whose main engagement is dissemination of information in the mass media
,made a request which reasonably demonstrates that an action taken or about to be taken
by the public body should be released to the public immediately.
11/ Where the public relation officer deems that request made in accordance with sub
(10) (a) and ( b) of this Article is not an urgent request that requires an expedited access ,he
shall communicate his decision along with a statement indicating the requester‟s right to
make an administrative appeal within the time limit referred to in sub-article (9) of this Article
No court may review on appeal such a decision.

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