f) about an individual who is or was an employee of a public body and which relates to the
position of functions of the individual, including; the position or status of the individual, the
title, work address, office phone number and other similar addresses of the individual, the
classification, salary scale, remuneration and responsibilities of the position held or services
performed by the individual and the name of the individual on a record prepared by the
individual in the course of employment.
17. Commercial Information of a third Party
1/The public relation officer shall refuse a request for information if the requested
information contains;
a) trade secrets of a third party;
b) financial, commercial, scientific or technical information, other than trade secrets, of a
third party, the disclosure of which would likely to cause harm to the commercial or financial
interests of that third party; or
c) information supplied in confidence by a third party the disclosure of which could
reasonably be expected to put that third party at disadvantage in contractual or other
negotiations; or to prejudice that third party in commercial competition.
2/A record may not be refused in terms of sub-article (1) of this Article insofar as it consists
of information;
a) already publicly available;
b)in relation to which a third party did not object to the disclosure under Article 19 or has
consented in writing to its disclosure to the requester concerned; or
c) about the results of any product or environmental testing or other investigation supplied
by a third party or the result of any such testing or investigation carried out by or on behalf
of a third party and its disclosure reveals a serious public safety or environmental risk .
3/ The information referred to in sub-article
(2)/c/ of this Article may not include the results of preliminary testing of other investigation
conducted for the purpose of developing methods of testing or other investigation.
18. Protection of Confidential Information of Third Party
1/ The public relation officer shall refuse a request for access to a record of the public body
if ;

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